The Mortgage Planner offers his entire marketing platform and the systems used to explode your business!  Each marketing piece in its organized in a one time download designated in three folders labeled Before, During and After. Includes video training, podcast series and more!  It is like downloading Brad's personal file cabinet of marketing that is systemized and ready to implement.  




during TOOLS

This is the process that happens 'during an active deal'. It provides key ways to explode your business "from what you already have".  This is the balance that most Loan Originators miss.  We open 5 doors for every deal in process!  From how to get meetings with the Listing Agent, to Current Client Referrals and cross-selling to Financial Planners, CPA's, Lawyers, Insurance agents as well as becoming a lender of choice for every client's employer!  We also map out the week with our theme days, team meetings and partner and client intro video system.  Work smarter not harder with our turn key 'during experience' that excels the most seasoned Loan Originators. 


Brad Roche has Co-Authored two Best Sellers and is a Best Selling Author in the mortgage | coaching arena. 

Harness The Hurricane WITHIN was a combined effort from Brad and his Father Robert J. Roche.  They share their climb in the real estate and mortgage business along with the ups and downs and lessons learned.  For anyone in Real Estate, Mortgages or property investing this is a must read!

Mortgage Storm is a combined effort Brad sought out to bring the top industry leaders and top producers.  This book was written for the beginning Originator and the Originator climbing to reach goals.  Brad Roche joins Barry Habib and 10 other highly ranked mortgage producers who share tips, trades and lessons to make it rain in the mortgage business.

before tools

We create a pool of potential referral partners and court them in a platform so you to stay in front of them in many ways, that are natural and not time consuming. With this purchase you receive downloads of Lead Tracker Reporting, Referral Partner Power Point Presentation, Mobile Referral Partner Board for follow up , Scripts for cold calling Realtors, FSBO's, Networking Groups and more!  We  also include all of our marketing promotions and 'promo pack' which has become a staple in our upfront business.


after tools

This is all the 'stuff' that happens closing day and after.  It will include scripts for after closing thank you calls, to follow up with referral partners.  We automate the client survey systems so that we also generate referrals from clients and truly become their lender for years to come. Work your database as a tool for residual income.  We give you tools for our Annual Review systems to our "everything included" system to maintain long term relationships.  Excel with our business to business program we call Passport to Charlotte as well as how we are able to produce our weekly Radio show with little to no cost.  We also cover our weekly and monthly database email drip systems and how we use them effectively.   Your database need be strong and living!