Our Accountability Program is email based coaching that provides direct one on one access to Brad Roche to excell your results. You receive a custom plan of action on your set up call and will work with Brad via email to hold yourself accountable to produce the results needed to achieve your goals! 

Included is Mortgage Planner Mobile which is the system brought together in our mobile app.  You will receive weekly emails such as video from Brad, team meeting notes, as well as hours of coaching podcasts with continuous updates.  We also include push notifications focused on projects, calls, scripts and things we are working on and daily themes. 

The app offers quick access to all the main tools The Mortgage Planner uses daily. Including client flow, partner connects, lead tracking, easy gift feature for approval surprises, powerpoint presentations, current client referral scripts and much more!  As an accountability member you will be able to schedule discounted ala-cart coaching calls as needed through the app as well as have full access to our members only site with training videos more. 

Brad is still originating day to day performing high results month after month sharing his current methods of marketing and how to become a master of your craft.  He selects a few students that receive bi-weekly one-on-one coaching, 30 minute calls or 1 hour calls, on a six month commitment basis .  

Click below to schedule a FREE 30 minute coaching and interview session and about becoming a coaching member or just to explore our marketing platform and Accountability program.  Company Coaching options for multiple Loan Originators is also availble with a custom plan.

For existing coaching members you can use the link feature below to reschedule coaching calls. 

"Brad is the ultimate “peer partner,” supporting you in achieving your goals, “keeping you honest” and making sure, you meet your commitments and carry out the rewards or consequences you set. “I just had a client we closed about 30 days ago, they sent me a text asking about their first payment, so I helped them and then asked them for a referral using the same verbiage you use and “BAM”, instant referral!! I am so excited to be implementing this program!” -Randy DeLay, Little Rock, AR