8 Deals in 8 Weeks


week 1- MILK RUN

This week we covered establishing the “milk run” in your business and getting on the street. It is important as we build business to get as many face to face coversations about our business as possible. Stop in to meet someone at the real estate office, you find more opportunities if you are looking to expand the base, the datebase! This is a weekly run of 10 offices minimum. Stopping by to see a contact or introduce yourself to many more in the office. Taking value and ways to impress each week. Following up, and then following back is key. Checkout additional podcasts with The Mortgage Planner on the follow back approach. (Soical media connects, comments, thank you note & email blast set up/ added to database is assumed in this step) The Lead Tracker for (all mortgage inquiries not realtor meetings) should be in full use- click for video training lead tracker 101.

10 office visits each week.

week 2- speed dial

This week we cover making the VIP account stick! You must establish sales call follow ups. A strong pillar of basics in building relationships is mailing, calling, and visiting the partner. We must have a regular follow up approach making the VIP feel top priority. This starts with a tracking system of follow back- using your PARTNER BOARD (via Trello) or your database ‘groups’ feature. Start classifying relationships in VIP, A, B and C classifications, VIP being your best accounts and so on down the grade (base on production and connection). Then from the milk run you should have made good steps in getting names, meeting people and getting cards. You should also be able to call other agents in the office on your weekly milk run, referencing someone in the office you met to make it a warmer call. “I ran into _____ and thought I would reach out to meet you, I will be in your area next week, have time for coffee?” (set the meeting on the milk run as scheduled and now you have a great reason to be at the office and stay next week and so on) Focus on the meeting, presenting and closing for new business on all of the new contacts, while paying attention for the next possible contact. In the follow up planning- set up 5-8 follow up and connect processes over a few week period on your Partner Board or Database, an example would be as follows and is templated on the Partner Board. 1) add to speed dial and call often as you are in the car 2) follow up with mobile app connect 3) social media connect 4) Offer value lead 5) send program highlight email 6) Break Bread Bring a Friend 7) Send Discount Certficates. How many do you have on the board? Set the goal and strive for 200 on the board total but work smarter than harder working each contact for the next contact and then implement follow back, and dont forget to close! Be orginized!

Over 100 dials per week should be done in the car for the next 7 weeks.


Market share is making everyone in the tight-nit community aware that you are here and going to stay! You must get create and have a few key items:

  • Top of mind- Post to soical media 3 times a week business and 1 personal. include your picture in many. Keep it simple, walking billboard thinking. Look for ‘groups’ in your area and post to the group every one to two weeks. Boost a couple posts to area realtors as a target (you can vary such as financial planners, cpa, lawyers, insurance) but blitz heavy for a week, turn off and blitz again- many and quick like the grand fanale then stop, then start.

  • Weekly email or text market update. You can use many tools to do this but do it! Every week- three weeks on, one week off, same day every week.

  • Office pop-bye’s include your pic! When you are on the milk run remember, leave it on the desk

  • Text weekly update or send push notification through app. This can go to your top 10 VIP-

  • Advertisement- if you are able to get some advertising running do it! Invest a couple hundred dollars a month. Get some leads coming in or use remarkting on google or other soical media platforms. If you do print, go big! Not a business card size anything. But be seen in your market- no long contracts.


A Profit Center is an area you focus on for business and detail the process to perfection, start building blocks into systems. Here are top profit centers, start with only four maximum if you do not have a full time assistant or if you have not put a true focus on your areas of profit from results and/ or goals now is the time. We narrow 4 areas we are going to be great at!

Each area now needs to have simple tasks you do each month to maintain the Profit Center. What action items will you do on a regular basis? How many leads do you expect to get from each Profit Center? Below is an expanded version of my team with more general Profit Centers headers as we have added team members. Click here for blank form.

  • Database

  • Realtors

  • Estate Lawyer

  • Family Lawyer

  • Financial Planners

  • Small Businesses

  • Radio / Podcast

Post 10 times per week

Complete your Profit Center Plan.

  • Socal Media Lead Gen

  • First Time Homebuyers

  • Relocation

  • Networking Events

  • For Sale By Owners

  • Open Houses

  • Workshops

week FOUR- value DRIVEN PARTNERSHIP, pre-call planning & dollarization

Preparation for meetings with partners can lead to huge accounts. NFL teams prepare weeks in advance watching film play on the next opponent. “If I am giving 2 weeks to have a game plan my team is invisible…Joe Paterno, Penn State.” Here are some key presentation items for a pre-call planning checklist:

  • Needs analysis questions to ask

  • Something to show

  • Anticipated concerns and objections

  • Know points differences in your services

  • Be flexible and adjust to close

  • Meaningful benefits to clients

  • Dollarization approach- the return for partner

  • Fish where BIG fish are

  • Cross-sell awareness

We don’ sell mortgage’s…we sell the money advantage and home planning gains that make the referral partner and client gain.

  1. Dollarize the benefit of working with you

  2. Send an email or letter (4-5 sentences) with a note promising a follow up call, the objective is to get them to take your call.

  3. Do you have your calendar available?


Send 25 intro’s for meeting, follow up and schedule 8 new partner meetings

week Five- SCRIPTS, SCRIPTS, SCRIPTs & close!

Ok, so scripts are part of the sale. You have to have the dialog down and ready to roll! Sounding polished is a key to the consumer / partner trusting you with the deal or deals. As touched on in the last session knowing what “consumer” really means for all of us and “dollarization” to your services so value is calculated in the eyes of the consumer.

It can be as simple as handing your business card “Call me if you need anything” or “Hey, if you or anyone you know is ever in need of real estate- call me, I will roll out the red carpet!”

Here are some points to have scripting around:

  • Reiterate your need to partner

  • Offer- why you with passion.

  • Advantage Over Others (add Dollarization as needed)

  • Ask for the sale

  • Follow Up Weekly and Court through Partner Board touch points of value.


Role Play 2 Hours with someone in your office on Presentation & Asking for business. (record the session and review for modification)

Actions, Contribute and Advocate! Review the chart and know your role to advance that most sales people done recognize is a part of the sale that attracts consumers and partners to engage with your services. Remember the number one sales objection is that the sales person doesn’t ask.


Face to Face conversations are a big part of selling and in this session we breakdown key points to say and not to say when presenting or talking to partners and clients.

Key Points in Partner Presentation:

  • Know details about the partner

  • Understand the goal (not your goal)

  • What does the perfect lender relationship look like?

  • Know what makes you attractive and sell it as a key part and focus of your dialog.

  • Use phrases through the presentation like- Do you see value in how we could use this? Do you see value in how we can attrack more referrals? Do you see value in how we could leverage your volume in my system?

  • Close and ask specifically for the next opportunity for it to come your way.

Key Points in Client Presentation:

Create the routine for presentations. Role Play 2 Hours with someone in your office on Presentation & Asking for business. (record the session and review for modification)

  • Be Real- roll out the red carpet every time!

  • Thanks so much for calling…(triangle of trust)

  • Did you have a chance to review me online or would you like to hear a little about us?

    • I am very good with the money aspect of borrowing and planning. Many competitors don’t strategize and manage the clients mortgage long term. (refer to savings from recent repeat client) while the rate is important each time, the management and cost long term far outweighs any short term savings, in other words I am not the least expensive but one of the very best as saving thousands vs $16 a month concept.

      • Highlight benefits of process, efficiency.

      • Highlight highly referred and would trust the same from them

      • Highlight additional benefits such as (Personal Tuesday Updates, All mobile with local efficiencies, Home buyer privileges, PMI offers, annual reviews, appraisal panel superior, market intelligence )